Infused with juniper, coriander, cucumbers and rose petals, this gin is distilled 5x and offers a savoury, traditionally styled gin. Great on its own but also well suited to cocktails, adding a complex yet sublime blend of flavours to your recipe.
— 35 Maple Street Spirits


94 points - The Tasting Panel, 2014

"Juniper and coriander….melting violets and dried Mandarin orange peel….surrounded by cucumbers and a garden of roses. Pinched by a parade of black pepper and tea tannins."

93 points - Wine Enthusiast, 2015

"Bridging sweet and savoury, this gin has a citrusy fragrance, which also shows up on the palate. Starting out with mild pineapple-like sweetness and traditional juniper, this gin segues into a spicy, mouthwatering finish with white and black pepper, coriander and ginger spice."


NOSE: Crisp juniper berry, soft Gourdy cucumber and the slightest hint of rose petal comprise the nose, making for a soothing and intriguing first impression.

PALATE: Crisp up front and silky going down. Refreshing notes of citrus, coriander and juniper pass over the tongue to the soft pallet.

FINISH: Pleasantly evolves to a finish of cucumber with a wisp of rose petals.

COMMENTS: Martini versatility - to subdue the floral notes and accentuate the savoury coriander and juniper, you can add a sodium ingredient, like an olive. To enhance the floral notes, add a citrus twist. Additionally, lowering the temperature lessens the floral notes while emphasizing coriander.

Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin exhibits a crisp taste profile that harkens back to the classic American gin. Awakening your olfactory senses with its refreshingly bright taste and pleasing bouquet, the gin lives up to the name Restorative. This gin is great on its own – as Uncle Valerio would’ve undoubtedly preferred – but it’s also well suited to cocktails, adding a complex yet sublime blend of flavours to your recipe. 


A big part of the reason for the exquisite taste of Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin is that unlike dry gins, the ingredients are added after distillation. The filtration and purification of the base occurs first, bringing the impurities to less than 0.0005% for minimum hangover. Then the botanicals are added, allowing the flavour profile to evolve with a high degree of control.

Uncle Val's Gin is distilled five times and filtered using lava rock and brought to proof with spring water from the Cascade Mountains.


Juniper -  The classic gin ingredient, juniper provides a distinctly crisp aroma and delicate bite.

Coriander - The coriander lends a delicious and assertive taste, which contrasts nicely with the cucumber and rose.

Cucumber - By adding a cooling effect to the taste, along with subtle freshness cues, the cucumber works with the rose to balance the flavours.

Rose petals - Originally grown for teas, the large petals of the Grandiflora provide a soothing aroma and calming taste.

Uncle Val’s is decidedly small batch. Each bottle is hand-numbered and carefully placed in cases of six 750-ml bottles. 

45% abv.



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