Fernandes Trinidad Rum 18 years


Product of Trinidad & Tobago

Distillery: Fernandes Distillers, Trinidad, West Indies

Cask No: 1700007

Distilled: March 1999

Bottled: October 2017

Bottles: 237 worldwide


Nose: This is the bad boy Big Brother of the 8 year old. Time has mellowed the soul, yet there is s still a brutishness there. The brown sugar and maple notes come out with the addition of water which tames this beast to unveil subtle spices.

Palate: In the mouth this rum is absolutely gorgeous! it´s brimming with brilliant fruity notes and it has an aftertaste that I really like – a lot! Part is wood and then there´s something else...  apricot, vanilla and maybe mango…and other mashed tropical fruits, hints of liquorice top off a very pleasant, dry finish.

Finish: Then that after taste…I cannot put words on what it is…but it´s so delicious…


The Rhumb line was the most common way to navigate port to port when rum came of age in the 1700’s, shipping out of Caribbean ports to the American Colonies & Europe. Rhumb Runner pays homage to the sailors, pirates and traders who built it’s history, as well as those today who’ve recognized this great spirit is again rising to it’s glory.

COLLECTOR CASK SERIES - PurE cask to bottle

Our Collector Cask Series is true cask to bottle. No water, additives, coloring or special filtering was used to achieve it’s rich coloring and flavors. 100% of this rum entered a single barrel after distillation and remained in that barrel until bottling, during which time only the Angels were allowed a hand in it’s crafting.

Trinidad Distillers

Trinidad Distillers Limited is the production company under the Angostura Ltd. umbrella. Rum is produced here by Trinidad Distillers Limited, a wholly-owned company of Angostura Holdings that manufactures rum for Angostura Bitters Ltd. and Fernandes Distillers (1973) Ltd. The Fernades family was an important player in Trinidadian rum history. In 1973, Angostura Holdings acquired the assets and name of the Fernandes distillery that had been located across the street. The rums produced for both labels are quite different in style with the Fernandes being the most diverse in the islands.

The Angostura compound with its color-coded, five-column still looks more like a petroleum processing plant than a rum factory. Angostura buys molasses produced in Trinidad, a major sugar-producing country in the region. After the raw material has passed a laboratory inspection, it is pumped to the fermentation vats behind the still. Utilizing their own proprietary yeast, fermentation is accomplished in twenty-four hours. Only distillate from the first and last of the five columns, varying from 75 to 95% alcohol by volume, is collected to be blended and bottled as rum. The combination of light and heavy distillates allows Angostura to blend a variety of different rums.

From the still, rum is stored in stainless steel vessels before being aged, bottled, or shipped in bulk containers to other bottlers around the world. In the buildings just west of the still, thousands of rum-filled, oak barrels are aging in the tropical climate. Some of this aged rum is sold to other distillers and bottlers to be blended on other islands. Angostura uses only charred ex-bourbon barrels for ageing their rums, and rums are charcoal filtered to a degree based on their age. 

During the rum-making process, the fermentation takes an average of 48 hours and the alcohol-content of that brew before actual distillation is 10%. Rum is casked at 70% alcohol content.