NOSE:  Aromas offering an attractive combination of citrus
fruit peel and black fruit with some very subtle herbaceous notes, especially wormwood, lavender and rosemary. The powerful, sweet aroma reveals some cinnamon.

PALATE: This mahogany coloured vermouth offers a smooth, silky entrance in the mouth, followed by semi-sweet flavours, which are reminiscent of orange juice with some spicy notes.

FINISH: The finish is slightly acidic and very agreeable. It ends on a refreshing note of fresh grapes, with a touch of vanilla and hints of dried berries, followed by a smooth bitterness provided by the cardamom seeds.

Elaboration Process

Our Vemouths are made using a selection of botanicals.

In total, we use 32 botanicals, 22 of which are native to our area. After a long period of maceration with aromatic herbs in clay amphorae, we obtain the “essence”, which is LA MADRE (mother), the base for our Vermouth. This essence ages for a few months in barrels to enhance its aromas.

Later on, this essence is blended with carefully selected wines to make our LA MADRE Vermouth.



We are grape growers, village people. It is also true to say that we are wine, we are nature and that LA MADRE Vermouth is a fusion of wine, nature and enthusiasm too. It is made with grapesbotanicals and lots of passion.

We are and we feel young, we love our traditions and gastronomic rituals. We like to chat with our friends and have a laugh.

We love the Vermouth hour leading up to lunch. We are LA MADRE Vermouth and we love going out for tapas and meeting up with friends. We love mixing.

We are adventurousself-taught and we are from an unknown paradise called TERRA ALTA to the south-west of Tarragona, where the Mediterranean influence can be felt in all its grandeur. We are LA MADRE (mother), she who engendered this Vermouth. WE ARE VERMOUTH-MAKERS!