NOSE:  It offers intense strawberry aromas, alluring liquorice aromas, citrus fruit peel, cinnamon and aromatic, sweet cane (calamus root). 

PALATE: Bright pink colour with subtle tones, red berries. The palate is a joy to behold. A rich, velvety texture adds flavours which are initially sweet, mainly of aniseed and strawberry. Before the palate diminishes in intensity, the flavours take on a slightly bitter character due to the wormwood, and orange peel which linger intensely in the after-taste. 

FINISH: It keeps its freshness and maintains its bitter-sweet balance impeccably. 

The secret...

Over thirty four BOTANICALS. Twenty two of which are native. Only half recipe is mentioned. The rest is kept secret. 



We are grape growers, village people. It is also true to say that we are wine, we are nature and that LA MADRE Vermouth is a fusion of wine, nature and enthusiasm too. It is made with grapesbotanicals and lots of passion.

We are and we feel young, we love our traditions and gastronomic rituals. We like to chat with our friends and have a laugh.

We love the Vermouth hour leading up to lunch. We are LA MADRE Vermouth and we love going out for tapas and meeting up with friends. We love mixing.

We are adventurousself-taught and we are from an unknown paradise called TERRA ALTA to the south-west of Tarragona, where the Mediterranean influence can be felt in all its grandeur. We are LA MADRE (mother), she who engendered this Vermouth. WE ARE VERMOUTH-MAKERS!