In our lives and our travels we are inspired, influenced and impressed by what we like to call Inspired Spirits.

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Born in part of India, that is now Pakistan Dad moved to England in 1951 before returning to India in 1959 to get married. 

My sister, brother and myself were born in England and spent our younger years there before Dad decided to move us to Canada to seek a better life. 

My Dad was a humanitarian, a community leader, a fighter for human rights and equality. 

He taught us to be tough, to stand our ground, he encouraged us to pursue higher education. Something he was not able to do. 

He and my Mom welcomed total strangers home to dinner. They would meet a young person of Indian origin who was studying in Canada and invite them for a home cooked meal. 

He had a great sense of humor, was tough, yet selfless He and my mom founded the first Indian temple in Toronto, he participated in many multi denominational gatherings, was invited to meet the Pope and was an advisor to many. 

He had a family tradition he loved. Regardless where the family was… England, Japan, Thailand, or anywhere else at midnight New Years Eve, The family would exchange New Year's greetings and Dad would end each call by saying "Enjoy yourself" 

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The idea of turning back was not in Freds vocabulary. You finish. 

On a night ride a friends my lights gave out and I was picking my way through fallen leaves, hitting rocks, cracks and roots, falling off and having a miserable time trying to follow Freds light. He quoted Yoda. "Try Not. Do." So right. You can fall off trying to be careful or you can fall off going for it. 

As a sponsored team at a 24 hour bike race, we had a masseuse, among many other luxuries like a chef and bike mechanics. Fred came in from a lap at night and was getting his legs massaged for the first time. When the masseuse reached his ankles, she gasped and said "Oh my God". She had just felt the scar tissue from the healed Achilles tendons, two or three in each ankle, broken while playing squash. You go for it.

At times when these things happened, and there were plenty more, you hear, "He's crazy doing that" or "He's one stubborn dude". I'm going to remember instead that 

You prepare. You never quit. You finish. You go for it. Try Not, Do!