300 Bottles of Rare Single Malt – Single Cask Whisky


AGE: 28 YO

TYPE: SINGLE MALT, Single Cask 376

ABV: 51.2% Cask strength


REGION: Prádlo, Plzen Region

WOODWORK: Virgin Czech Oak

YEAST STRINGS: Distiller’s Yeast

PEAT PPM: 8-15 (30% peat / 70% oak wood), in general very
low content, 2.4 to 4.5 PPM

FILTRATION TECHNIQUE: Candle Ceramic Filtration


% of whisky evaporation per year is 2% - 3.5%.

STACKING: 3 stacks

The whisky cellars are underground where the temperature is constantly between 6-10°C.

A one-of-a-kind Whisky Story

Travelling back well over 20 years, just before the historical moment when the Berlin Wall was torn down, a famous old distillery in Prádlo Czechoslovakia which had been producing high quality pot still spirits for many years, created a single malt whisky of unmatched taste and unparalleled quality.

During the Cold War in the Soviet Union, where the preferred drink was vodka, a few high ranking compatriots had a taste for something different, better, perhaps extraordinary. They wanted whisky, but importing it from the west was impossible. Resourceful as they were, they made a plan that led them to a small distillery in Prádlo that dated back to 1928. Back then, this was the only distillery in the entire country of Czechoslovakia. 

Even though the barley was 100% Czech and the water used in production was from the Bohemia region, the biggest struggle was the peat that originated from the Czech region. At the time, it was almost impossible to find a peat of the desired quality, therefore a Scottish peat was imported. 

In late 1989, the Wall was brought down and fortunately, the whisky fell into oblivion. Forsaken and forgotten, it was left to rest in the cellars in its uniquely hand−made Virgin Czech Oak Casks for 28 years world changing years.

When creating Hammer Head 28, we use only Czech barley and the crisp, clean water from the Bohemia region. Our casks are made from 100% Czech oak wood to guarantee a unique single malt whisky that offers a pleasing aftertaste.