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Liquid Gold Award
Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible


NOSE:  Unusually dry peat; not dissimilar to peat reek absorbed by an old leather armchair; a hint of citrus, too.

PALATE: Despite the nose, the immediate sensation is one of being caressed by molassed sugar and then a ratching up of the peat notes. As they get more forceful, so the experience becomes that little bit drier and spicier, though not without the molasses refusing to give way.

FINISH: You can tell the quality of the distillate and the barrels it has been matured in by the crystalline depth to the finish. Everything is clear on the palate and the butterscotch vanillas wrap the phenols for a comfortable and clean finale.

Also available in cask strength. 

Around the World in 5 Amazing Whiskeys (, Sept 2016)


Produced with 100% Peated Barley  - The barley is peated in Inverness, Scotland at Baird's Malting.   

Single Malt Whisky • 46% abv • Aged in a combination of new American Oak and ex-bourbon casks.  


There is no age statement as maturation occurs at 3,000 ft with an average temperature of 91 degrees and humidity of 70% therefore the angel's share is considerable and can be as high as 15% per year. (generally 2% in Scotland).

It is estimated that 1 year of aging in Bangalore = 3 years in Scotland.


Amrut Distillery is family owned and operated, located in Banglore, India, where it has operated since 1948.

Amrut buys bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace and Jack Daniels.

The length and complexity are matched only by a train journey through this astonishing country.
— Jim Murray