Amrut Best Indian Single Malt 2018.jpg

Best Indian Single Malt 
World Whiskies awards 2018



COLOUR: Orange sunset.

NOSE: No surprises here. Orange is the first note that comes out from the glass but it is not dominant or overwhelming. Other sherry aromas, especially figs, are easily recognizable. After a while, the signature Amrut spices start to show themselves. In the later stages, lemon drops and a bit of mint creating a refreshing touch.

PALATE: Thick, almost syrupy texture. Sweet orange marmalade with a healthy sprinkle of peppers and clove. Orange is more leading than the nose but still somewhat balanced with other flavours. Oak and lemon peels add some tanginess to the overall profile.

FINISH: Medium to long finish. Sweetness disappearing to leave behind a spicy aftertaste.



Amrut Distillery is family owned and operated, located in Bangalore, India operating since 1948. Amrut buys bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace and Jack Daniels.

Naarangi is an innovative release from India’s Amrut. The name is Hindi for ‘orange’ and the whisky was aged in an ex-oloroso-sherry cask, which was then seasoned with wine and orange peel for three years. A three-year-old whisky was then finished in the cask for a further three years, producing a whisky with extra orangey notes.
— The Whisky Exchange