indiaN + caribbean rums

A rare union of two Indies : EAST meets WEST


two indies - STORY

  • Caribbean rums from the islands of Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana
  • Married with Indian pot still sugarcane rum made from Jaggery.

A fantastic, very smooth sipping rum - neat or on ice

Priced for premium craft cocktails


amrut Distillery

Location : Bangalore India - established 1948

3000 ft above sea level - avg temp 91 degrees - 70% humidity average year round

Angel's share can be as high as 15% where it's generally 2% in Scotland

A cask filled will be 50% empty after 7 years

It is estimated that 1 year of aging in Bangalore is equal to 3 years in Scotland



the making of jaggery IN INDIA - A very hands-on process

Jaggery is essentially unrefined sugar.

1 - Harvest the Indian sugarcane. Sugarcane and the earliest production of sugar came from northern India and India is currently the worlds 2nd largest producer.

2 - The juice is squeezed from the cane and filtered.

3 - The raw sugarcane juice is boiled in a round-bottomed vessel, fired by wood.

5 - After boiling, stirring and turning the juice has cooled to become a brown sugar like substance called Jaggery with most the moisture evaporated. 

6 - Further moisture is squeezed out leaving the Jaggery balls ready to produce the rum.




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