...an excellent sipping gin and a highly versatile mixing gin for cocktails. Bold yet smooth, it stays true to the Uncle Val’s line of gins.
— 35 Maple Street Spirits


96 points - The Tasting Panel

Wall Street Journal article: Time to Take Spiced Spirits Seriously



NOSE: A firm blast of black peppercorn and a hint of charred red peppers.

PALATE: A distinctly bold pepper flavour with a tinge of salt on the palate, along with a pleasant tingle. Flavour starts with a crisp, salty pepper and morphs into sour on the middle tongue with soft sweet juniper and charred red peppers.

FINISH: Followed with a pleasant and lingering peppercorn finish.

COMMENTS: A mixologist’s best friend, the gin’s intriguing combination of savoury roasted red bell peppers, freshly infused hot and sweet pimento cherry peppers, spicy black peppercorn and juniper make a wonderful canvas for some truly tasty and thoroughly unique craft cocktails. Blends agreeably with classic citrus, fruits and natural sodas. 

Without it being a “flavoured” gin, the components, inspired by home-grown peppers in August Sebastiani’s uncle’s Tuscan garden, are so naturally infused, they should be regarded as some of the most unique botanicals used for this category. As it sits in the glass, the perfume on the nose transforms, offering up liquorice, apricot, lavender and vanilla spice.


A big part of the reason for the exquisite taste of Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin is that unlike dry gins, the ingredients are added after distillation. The filtration and purification of the base occurs first, bringing the impurities to less than 0.0005% for minimum hangover. Then the botanicals are added, allowing the flavour profile to evolve with a high degree of control.

Uncle Val's Gin is distilled five times and filtered using lava rock and brought to proof with spring water from the Cascade Mountains.


Juniper -  The classic gin ingredient, brings an element of tartness and crispness.

Red bell pepper - The roasted red peppers provide a unique, earthy smokiness.

Black pepper -  Lends a strong, clear pepper flavour that permeates throughout.

Pimento - Also known as cherry pepper, the pimentos provides a savoury sensation.

Uncle Val’s is decidedly small batch. Each bottle is hand-numbered and carefully placed in cases of six 750-ml bottles. 

45% abv.



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