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6 x 750ml
43% abv


NOSE:  Quite sweet and savoury, with a dose of white pepper, smoked ham and peat. Hints of vanilla, aniseed and ginger cake. Lemon and lime zest.

PALATE:  A clean creamy palate with astringent dry oak, the pepper and peat then develop. Light peat initially then a smoke bomb! Again, fruity (think lemon rinds). The vanilla, ginger and aniseed are still there with tropical fruit.

FINISH: The finish is long, spicy and smoky.

fun + facts

The Nelstrop family have a 600 year old tradition of growing and processing grain.

In 1335 William Nelstroppe was recorded as farming in Yorkshire; in 1772 Joseph started a mill in Ackworth which the family moved to at Stockport in 1820 where it is still run by the Nelstrop family. A branch of the family moved to Lincolnshire to farm in 1881 and is still at the same farm.

The beautiful distillery was designed and built by the Nelstrop family for the specific purpose of producing the very finest English Single Malt Whisky.


There are only two main ingredients in whisky, barley and water and we have them both. We draw the purest, cleanest water from the Breckland aquifer deep beneath our distillery. Norfolk is one of the world’s premier growing barley regions, so our supply is plentiful and local.

The only other thing needed to create the very best malt whisky is oak casks. We don't add colour, we don't add flavour, we let the barrels do that for us, so we have to buy only the very finest oak casks. Most of ours are supplied by direct from America, having first been used for the maturation of bourbon. We also mature in sherry casks, and various other wine casks.

Our whisky is batch made by hand with no computers, filled into casks and then left to sleep until our distillers consider it perfect for bottling, which of course we do by hand - one bottle at a time.



The English Whisky Co. was founded in 2005 by James Nelstrop to fulfil a lifelong quest to build a whisky distillery. The new distillery was to be named St George’s Distillery. The distillery was built on farmland owned by the family and this was the latest venture for the Nelstrop family who have been farming and milling in England for over 600 years. James had never understood why there were no whisky distilleries in England – Scotland and Ireland having cornered the market in the UK. The English Whisky Co. at St Georges is the first registered whisky distillery in England for over a century and leads the resurgence of an English whisky.

All the casks used for the production of Original & Smokey are sourced from Jim Beam’s Clermont distillery.



English Whisky Co. is located in the beautiful county of Norfolk between Norwich and Newmarket.