Red-Right, Return by Laura Moore

Red-Right, Return by Laura Moore





Every piece of this cocktails inspiration came from my love of Mahon Gin and the vessel that it comes in. I wanted to showcase not only the gin, but also the bottle simply and elegantly, while keeping to the traditional gin and tonic serve of Spain.

I began by picking ingredients that would enhance the Mahon, not stifle it. Bringing forth all of the flavors that the gin has to offer.

First. Chilling down the Coppa glass with the ice sphere. This prepares the glass for the entire cocktail. I then use the Mahon bottle to crush the Juniper berries that will become the garnish. This releases the fragrance and flavor of the berries.

Second. I add the Juniper berries. Traditionally in Spain they will add the botanicals and garnish, after the gin and before the tonic. The Juniper is to bring forth the Juniper in the Mahon.

Third. I added an orange infused Scotch.  What makes this a perfect match for Mahon gin is that they are using oranges coming from none other than Spain. A perfect pairing to bring out the orange in the Mahon.

Fourth. I carefully pour the Prosecco down the spoon, so I do not lose any of the precious bubbles that the prosecco has to offer.
A quick final stir, and you are left with a simple, yet beautiful cocktail to enjoy while looking out over the water. Waiting to see your loved ones boat Red-Right, Return.