The fruitiness of Merlot and the structural support of Carménère join in this attractive assemblage...
— Botalcura Winery




COLOUR: Intense ruby red, with purple highlights.

NOSE: Intense, fruity aroma of plum and cherry, tobacco, liquorice, leather, olive leaves and pine, with a discreet undertone of wood.

PALATE: Direct attack on the mouth, full palate, with good, persistent volume. Great tannic structure and good acidity balance the alcohol. 

FINISH: The finish is semi-long with notes of fruit. 

COMMENTS: This wine reminds us of the traditional, old Chilean assemblages. The fruitiness of Merlot and the structural support of Carménère join in this attractive assemblage, which is well balanced and voluminous, with a semi-long finish. Very present tannins reveal the wine´s youth and will allow it to age well in the bottle.

Good with stews, dry cheeses and specially, eggplant casseroles.


Botalcura Winery was formed thanks to the passion of two men, Chilean businessman and wine lover, Juan Fernando Waidele and French winemaker, Philippe Debrus.

Botalcura is a small village in southern Chile, 3 hours south of Santiago and half an hour northeast of the city of Talca. The Coastal Range forms Maule Valley, from which Botalcura is set among rolling hills and surrounded by nature, it is also home to the elusive quail. A simple town formed by scarcely more than a row of houses along one side of a dirt road; inhabited by kind and extraordinary people, who inspires us and fills us with enthusiasm for sharing our dream of forming an exceptional winery along with them.

The word Botalcura means “large stone” in Mapundungun, the language of Chile’s native Mapuche people. Something hard and solid as rock speaks of the power of the gods and of what’s enduring. Both of these ideas come together in the wines of Botalcura Winery. The indomitable yet generous power of nature, the source of the intense and concentrated vines, combines with the certainty of transcending time, of making time an ally that will bear out the excellence of Botalcura Wines…


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