Westland Distillery’s Peated Malt Whiskey encompasses a wide spectrum of peaty and smokey flavors without overwhelming the palate.
— Westland Distillery


Gold (American Malt Med smoke category) – Whiskies of the World Awards 2016
95 Points – 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge
Silver Medal – International Spirits Challenge
Double Gold Medal – Wine & Spirits Wholesalers
Whiskey of the Year – 2015 American Distilling Institute
94 Points/Gold Medal – 2015 Beverage Tasting Institute
Gold Medal/Best of Category – 2015 American Distilling Institute
Gold Medal – 2015 International Wine & Spirits Competition
Gold Medal – 2014 NY International Spirits Competition



NOSE: The nose starts off with a background of nuttiness accompanied by smoldering moss and flamed orange peel. 

PALATE: The peat leaps from the palate, expressing campfire notes, iodine, and roasted pistachios. With time, the smoldering moss on the nose evolves into burning embers and roasted plantains.

FINISH: The palate also transitions over time, moving towards significant earth notes, green herbs and increasing iodine towards the finish.



This Peated Malt whiskey is a variation on our house style made from a mash of peated malt that is among the smokiest in the world. We combine that with a variety of malt-focused spirits that together create a single malt whiskey that encompasses a wide spectrum of peaty and smoky flavors without dominating the palate. The peat character is sturdy enough to satisfy the cravings of those looking for a solid dose of smoke, while malt-focused mash bills contribute grainy and fruity notes that round out the whiskey. Westland’s Peated Malt is filled primarily into new American oak and 1st-fill used American oak, resulting in a multi-dimensional and balanced peated single malt whiskey.




The true spirit of any Distillery is most vividly experienced at the source. Located in the SoDo neighbourhood of Seattle, Washington, our 13,000 sq. ft. single malt whiskey distillery will leave you with a thorough understanding of the whiskey-making process and an appreciation for why Seattle is the ideal place to produce exceptional American Single Malt Whiskey.


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