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The Double Cask is the flagship product and is a truly delightful introduction to the Sullivans Cove range and to Tasmanian single malt in general.
— Sullivans Cove Whisky


Gold Medal World Whisky Masters 2011.


NOSE: Vanilla driven perfume, floral fruit, soft spice and cloves.

PALATE:  Soft, creamy, well structured and balanced. Herbal, then some spices and honey. English candy notes and a hint of pear.

FINISH: Well-rounded fruity finish of a medium length with hints of honey and milk chocolate.


Age 10+  years - 40% abv - Aged in One French Oak Port barrel and two American Oak Bourbon barrels • From McWilliams Winery in Hunter Valley, Australia • The casks originate from Limousin, France where they were filled with Port for 30 years.

The barrels are scraped and the scrapings are hung in a basked in the cask to re-char the barrel.

They use an older filtering system known as racking. Fresh distilled water is added to the matured barrels over a 2 to 3 week period. The barrels then sit for 4 months. During this period the fresh water aids in settling the sediment to the bottom. The Whisky is then “racked” or drawn off. The result is a creamier, fuller mouth, feel whisky.


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