....a masterpiece of distillers art.
— 35 Maple Street Spirits


2015 Canadian Whisky of the Year - Whisky Bible

95 points - Beverage Tasting Institute

94 points - Whiskey Advocate

96.5 points - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2013
"Fizzing with fruity finesse, there is little doubting the grain involved here; almost a bubble gum sweetness to the fruit and through the melting softness lurks a note as firm and sharp as a sabre; just about as mouth-watering as it is spellbinding, the taste buds are immediately immersed in a stellar degree of crisp, sparking rye notes; vanilla pods pop as it soaks in the juicy, clean rye; if you want to see an almost perfect degree of spice at work in a whisky, you really can't do better than savor the finish of this gorgeous bottling. Helped along by deft oil, the crystalline sugars and light vanillas just carry on their hypnotic dance' ca magnificent whisky without any shadow of doubt. Rye is my favorite whisky type and this displays the style to a degree of excellence which is truly memorable in terms of a commercial bottling. Someone has done an outstanding job in selecting these casks. What is certain is that this is a true classic of its style. And not so much Masterson's but Masterful." 

94 points - Wine Enthusiast, 2012 Top 50 Spirits
"This 10-year-old straight rye whiskey would make a top-notch Sazerac. Despite its rich, luxe aroma, this is light and smooth on the palate. Look for notes of sweet, creamy caramel and dried fruit enlivened by a signature rye bite and a sweet, surprisingly delicate finish with just a sprinkling of ginger and cinnamon."

95 points - The Tasting Panel Magazine 2012

A+ rating Chairman's Trophy - Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2012

Triple Gold Medal - 2011 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards



NOSE: Rich, luxe aroma.

PALATE: Light and smooth on the palate. Look for notes of sweet, creamy caramel and dried fruit enlivened by a signature rye bite.

FINISH: Sweet delicate finish with just a sprinkling of ginger and cinnamon. 

COMMENTS: Gambler, buffalo hunter, army scout, gunfighter and newspaperman, William “Bat” Masterson did it all and did it well. And what better way to honor such a rarefied man than with a truly exceptional whiskey. Crafted by artisans, distilled in a pot still and aged in white-oak casks for just over 10 years, it’s the kind of drink that Bat would’ve surely raved about.


Masterson’s is a 100% rye whiskey that far exceeds industry standards for rye whiskey. Our artisans incorporate only the most fragrant and plump grains of rye and pure glacial water from the northern Rockies into a meticulous distillation process that utilizes an old-fashioned pot still. 45% abv.



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