WHAT is included

What does The Mahón Experience include?

  • Ambassador Allowance to assist with expenses such as airfare or incidentals. Xoriguer will cover accommodations, food, transfers.

  • Welcome party in Barcelona, Spain - touring Barcelona's great bars.

  • Transfer to the island of Menorca, Spain for 3 days in the sun.

  • The Distillery Day will begin with a distillery tour, tasting of the extensive list of other products made by Xoriguer and then you will participate as an Assistant Distiller in making a batch of Mahón Gin headed for America.

  • There will be beaching, boating, lunches, dinners and some Menorca style partying, as well as time with the Mahón Brand Ambassador trading cocktail secrets.

  • You will experience the hospitality of the Island of Menorca while learning about cocktails, food pairings and the depth of history at Xoriguer.

When you get home, you can brag that you assisted in making this special Made for America batch of Mahón Gin.

CONTACT US for anything AT:

Please allow a few days for us to respond by email.

Include : 1) your full name, 2) name of bar or restaurant where you are employed as a bartender or manager, 3) City and State, and name of Mahón Gin sales rep if you know it.


You must be employed as a bartender. You must be a US resident, over 23 years old, working in a state where we have a Distributor that sells Mahón Gin. (See a list of our Distributors. Not all distributors represent Mahón Gin)

Your cocktail name must not use any copyrights or trademarks other than Mahón Gin. Mahón is not however a requirement in your cocktail’s name.  If you use branded products in your recipe we reserve the right to change that ingredient to a generic name such as "tonic" or otherwise.

Want to enter but don't want to travel... 

You may still submit an entry even if you don't wish to participate in the Mahónista Experience 2019 in Spain. All entries will be considered for publicity and recognition.


By posting online with at least the two hashtags #mymahon19 and #InspiredSpirits you are agreeing to participate in the Mahónista Experience 2019. You agree that we can use your cocktail recipe and name, publicize your photos or videos through our website or on social media platforms free of any and all claims. Please understand that many recipes will use similar ingredients or names, so don’t intend on claiming exclusivity.

If you’re invited to be one of the 3 Finalists you will be contacted to ensure that you are able to travel with the Mahónista Experience 2019 between June 7 and June 12th 2019. When invited, you will be required to provide proof that you hold a Passport valid from January 2020 or beyond.

We reserve the right not to select any bartender if we feel nobody qualified or convinced us they wanted to train as an ambassador.

All Finalists will be required to sign a Mahónista Experience Traveler Agreement to participate. Selection of those who will participate in the experience is the exclusive right of Glass Revolution Imports USA LLC,  its members or appointed representatives and Xoriguer Distillery. At any point, a participant may be eliminated from qualification from the experience for any reason determined by our members deemed unacceptable. You are responsible for abiding by all state rules that govern incentive travel or cocktail creation promotions for the state in which you work. You agree that we can publish your name, use photos of you for publicity and promotion purposes before during and after the Mahon Experience. You understand that we might extend news of your successes to our network and repost social postings. If you are selected to travel to Spain, you agree to work with our team to publish your involvement in the Mahónista Experience 2019 on social media and other means of publication during and after the Experience. The Mahónista Experience 2019 dates are fixed to accommodate the group. There can be no substitutions, if you are chosen and cannot travel, another finalist will be offered the experience. Full details of the travel allowances will be outlined in the Agreement. We reserve the right to make changes to this competition without notice.