IF YOU MISSED 2017 then join us THIS YEAR

In June 2017 three lucky people traveled to Spain for an experience of a lifetime and did they party… between learning about the Spanish passion for gin.


In June 2017 three Mahón Ambassadors traveled to Spain for an experience of a lifetime and did they party… between learning all about the Spanish passion for gin, it’s history and even participated in the making of a batch of Mahón Gin for America at the Xoriguer Distillery

THIS YEAR - 6 - Ambassadors will be hosted in Spain courtesy of Xoriguer Distillery.

DOWNLOAD FLYER - This PDF can be emailed or printed and distributed to bartenders, sales reps and industry.



TO become mahón ambassadors learning WHAT MAKES MAHóN GIN SO amazingly UNIQUE.

The Distributor with the most placements in their GROUP will be awarded a place at the Mahónista Experience 2019 in June. The four people who travel to Spain for our Ambassador training will be given an expense allowance by Xoriguer Distillery. This should cover flights, accommodations, meals and incidentals. See Rules and Guidelines below.

STEP 1 - what to do

Get Mahón Gin 750ml placements in retail stores

  • New placements = 1 entry as long as you qualify by April 15, 2019 at Midnight PST.

  • Existing placements = 1 entry as long as you qualify them by February 28, 2019 at Midnight PST.

  • Chain retail placements : each different store location that places the gin counts as one entry so 4 stores = 4 entries

  • 1000ml bottles do NOT qualify, this is a 750ml promotion. Placements in bars or restaurants do NOT qualify, as this is a retail promotion.

STEP 2 - to qualify

Take a photo of the placement

  • The photo must include, the bottles on the shelf or display, pricing and/or promotional information.

E-mail the photo to : :: OR :: - -

  • Include your distributor name, Sales Rep name, name of the retail location, city and state. If you include the Retailer Instagram or Twitter information we will include in our social postings.

Each Distributor should work as a team to get the most placements and have their Company win the seat. It’s up to the Distributor to determine how to award that seat to a Sales Rep or Manager.

STEP 3 - awarding seats to spain

There are four GROUPS. (States in brackets are grouped as one distributor and count as a single state)
To ensure all distributors have a fair chance we have classified distributors by state population.

  • GROUP 1 :: California / Florida / Texas = odds 1 in 3

  • GROUP 2 :: (DC + Delaware + Maryland) / Georgia / Illinois / NYC / Ohio / (Washington State + Oregon) = odds 1 in 6

  • GROUP 3 :: Arizona / Indiana / Massachusetts / Michigan / (Mississippi + Alabama) / Tennessee = odds 1 in 6

  • GROUP 4 :: Colorado / Kansas / Kentucky / Minnesota / Nebraska / Nevada / Oklahoma / South Carolina = odds 1 in 8

EACH GROUP is eligible for ONE Ambassador seat - FOUR seats in total.

If your Company has the highest number of eligible placements in your GROUP… you will be awarded a seat.

If you’re awarded the seat you decide who from your Company travels to Spain. As well if you are awarded a seat, you will have the option to purchase ONE additional seat. See details below. The winning Distributor can have no less than 10 eligible placements.

This year 6 lucky people will travel to spain.

Two bartenders and four distributor reps will fly to Barcelona in June. Once there, your experience starts with a guided Barcelona cocktail bar tour, followed by a flight to the island of Menorca to learn about making gin Spanish style at the Xoriguer Distillery. There you will partake in the making of a batch of gin destined for the USA, visit a Spanish winery to understand how grape based distillate contributes to the smoothness of Mahón Gin, and indulge in a food pairing, which honestly will be one of the best Paellas you’ve ever savored. Amid other fun times, you will close out the experience with the coolest cocktail event of the year, Cocktails OFF the ROCKS.


LAUNCH : Both Promotions start TODAY

Mahónista Retail 750 : Final placement submission April 12, 2019 at midnight - Announce 4 seats to Spain - April 18th.

Travel : The six selected ambassadors must be able to travel to Spain between June 6th and June 12th 2019.


RULES AND GUIDELINES for mahónista retail 750

(rules and guidelines for Mahónista Bartender 2019 are HERE.)

By sending us the first photo you are agreeing to participate in the Mahónista Experience 2019. You agree that we can use your photo and name, publicize your photos or videos through our website or on social media platforms free of any and all claims. If you wish to claim a placement but don’t want us to publicize it, then we will respect that. We ask that you inform us in the email with the photo of your desire.

If you’re Company is AWARDED one of the FOUR sponsored DISTRIBUTOR SEATS we will do the following by April 13, 2019:

  1. Contact the Manager overseeing the promotions to confirm the Company will accept the seat.

  2. Discuss how you have and will determine who will be traveling to Spain.

  3. Determine if you wish to purchase a second seat.

  4. You will be required to provide us with the names of the travellers no later than April 15, 2019. Each traveler will provide a signed Mahónista Experience Traveler Agreement at that time, confirming availability for the travellers to go to the Mahónista Experience 2019 between June 6 and June 12, 2019. You will be required to provide proof that the traveller(s) hold a Passport valid beyond February 2020. We must strongly insist that we will NOT award a SEAT to anyone, under any circumstance who cannot verify their valid passport in advance.

Second seat purchase : If you are awarded a sponsored seat we will allow you to purchase a 2nd event seat under the following criteria. a) You must incur your own flight costs. b) You will pay for a second hotel room if you don’t wish to share the hotel rooms provide with your awarded SEAT. 3) There will be a $700 fee for the second seat. 4) There will be no additional charges to you for attendance at group events, such as Cocktails OFF the ROCKS or group dinners. As this is an educational experience the second seat is intended for industry professionals, preferably from your Company.

All Finalists will be required to sign a Mahónista Experience Traveler Agreement to Participate. Selection of those who will participate in the experience is the exclusive right of Glass Revolution Imports USA LLC,  its members or appointed representatives and Xoriguer Distillery. At any point, a participant may be eliminated from qualification from the experience for any reason determined by our members deemed unacceptable. You are responsible for abiding by all state rules that govern incentive travel or cocktail creation promotions for the state in which you work. You agree that we can publish your name, use photos of you for publicity and promotion purposes before during and after the Mahon Experience. You understand that we might extend news of your successes to our network and repost social postings. If you are selected to travel to Spain, you agree to work with our team to publish your involvement in the Mahónista Experience 2019 on social media and other means of publication during and after the Experience. The Mahónista Experience 2019 dates are fixed to accommodate the group. There can be no substitutions, if you are chosen and cannot travel, another finalist will be offered the experience. All travel reimbursement and expense policies will be outlined in the Mahónista Experience Traveler Agreement. Any income tax implications are the responsibility of the traveler. Individuals will be allow to extend or expand their travel arrangements, but at their own cost. We reserve the right to make changes to this competition without notice.



Two bartenders will travel to Spain
to train as ambassadors and show off their cocktails and love for Mahón

PUBLIC Web page for full Bartender Rules HERE. Share that page with bartenders.

DISTRIBUTOR Web page to understand Bartender Rules HERE.

All 6 guests traveling to Spain for training will receive an allowance for expenses provided by Xoriguer Distillery.