bartenders of america - spain is calling



one of you WILL JOIN US IN SPAIN to batch a gin with your name*

The Bartender with the most combined points in the three categories will join us at the 2017 Mahón Experience at the Xoriguer Distillery on the Spanish island of Menorca via Barcelona. ALL EXPENSES PAID. *Your Cocktail will be featured on a special Made for America batch of Mahón Gin that YOU assist in distilling on your visit. Thus you will become an eternal part of the Distillery history.

You will be able to invite a friend with certain conditions, see details below.

Show us your made with Mahón Cocktail. 





Our Judging Panel will select our finalists based on the following three criteria:

  1. Flair - How you use the unique Mahón Gin bottle when making your cocktail

  2. Style - Final presentation of your cocktail and it's name

  3. Taste - Since Mahón Gin is like no other gin on earth... we want the Mahón Gin in your cocktail to shine. So SIMPLICITY is your strength.

The average person should be able to make your cocktail at home with ingredients that are readily available or easily made. As for Flair that's all you, we understand nobody at home could duplicate your flair.


Practice : Get your cocktail just right. Get your sales rep to help... they win if you win.

Video : Get somebody to use your smartphone and video you making your cocktail. 60 seconds max please. You can edit, narrate, talk over, add royalty free music, do what you want to enhance the video but we encourage simplicity so professional production levels will NOT win you any extra points - raw talent will. The video should focus on the Flair component of your cocktail using the unique Mahón Gin bottle.

E-MAIL us at : ::

Include : 1) your full name 2) address and phone number 3) name and address where you are employed as a bartender 4) the name of your Mahon Gin Distributor and sales person 5) Social contacts - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram names. You can use the social media accounts of your place of employment if you have permission. Please note the bar or restaurant where you are employed does not have to currently purchase or offer Mahón Gin for you to enter, though we hope once you craft your cocktail with Mahón Gin you'll want to add it to your offerings.

In the e-mail please submit full details of your cocktail recipe, cocktail name and anything else that inspires you. Please include a still photo of your cocktail in your email. E-mails must be received between April 20, 2017 and April 26, 2017 at 5pm PST.


Your video should be uploaded to Instagram. Please use tags #MYMAHONGIN

and please include the name of your cocktail. DO NOT INCLUDE THE RECIPE on Instagram. Instagram allows a maximum time of 60 seconds of video.


To qualify you must submit the EMAIL with a photo of your cocktail and post your VIDEO on Instagram. 


Submissions END APRIL 26, 2017 at 5pm PST. We must have received your email and you must have posted your Instagram Video by this time.

If you are a bartender who wishes to participate but is not in contact with your State's Mahón Gin Distributor you are welcome to participate. Identify this in your email to us and we will have someone contact you. We advise you to e-mail us as early as possible to ensure you have time to participate.





FINALIST POSTED : MAY 2-5, 2017 on social media


All finalists will receive recognition, publicity and swag.

If you are a FINALIST:

We will contact you by email. You will be required to email us a copy of your video. You must respond promptly. To remain a finalist you do not need to qualify for the travel to Spain.



MAHON Inspiration + assistance

Discover the history of gin in Menorca, Spain dating back to 1708 and the British Navy's desire for their native spirit.

LINK TO Mahón Gin Bottle Notes
For the story on what makes Mahón Gin unique: the grape spirit base, the aged juniper berries, the process and source of the botanicals. 

LINK TO Mahón Gin downloadable Product Sheet

LINK TO INSTAGRAM HELP on posting video


WHAT is included

What does The Mahón Experience include?

  • Airfare, accommodations, food, transfers, and incidentals.
  • Welcome party in Barcelona, Spain - touring Barcelona's great bars.
  • Transfer to the island of Menorca Spain for 3 days in the sun.
  • The Distillery Day will begin with a distillery tour, tasting of the extensive list of other products made by Xoriguer and then you will participate as an Assistant Distiller in making a batch of Mahón Gin headed for America. YOUR SIGNATURE BATCH. 
  • This batch of gin will have your cocktail featured on the bottles headed for AMERICA, establishing you as part of the Mahón Gin from Xoriguer history FOREVER!
  • There will be beaching, boating, lunches, dinners and some Menorca style partying as well as time with the Mahón Brand Ambassador trading cocktail secrets.
  • You will experience the hospitality of the Island of Menorca while learning about cocktails, food pairings and the depth of history at Xoriguer.

When you get home, you can brag you assisted in making this special Made for America batch of Mahón Gin and gin lovers across America will be making your cocktail.

You will be invited to bring 1 (one) personal guest (they must pay their own airfare and share your room). Guests will be included in all dining and events except the guest will not be able to participate as an Assistant Distiller.



You must be employed as a bartender.

You must be a US resident over 23 years old working in a state where we have a Distributor that sells Mahón Gin. (See a list of our Distributors. Not all distributors represent Mahón Gin)

By posting your cocktail entry on-line and using the text in that posting #MYMAHONGIN you are agreeing to participate in The Mahon Cocktail Experience under the terms and conditions listed below. 

Your cocktail name must not use any copyrights or trademarks other than Mahón Gin. Mahón is not however a requirement in your name.  If you use branded products in your recipe we reserve the right to change that ingredient to a generic name such as "tonic", however we will ask our judges to use the actual branded product you have recommended if it's easily available to them

Want to enter but don't want to travel... 

You may still submit an entry even if you don't wish to participate in The Mahón Experience 2017 in Spain. All entries will be considered for publicity and recognition. We'll have swag along the journey for creative entries.

CONTACT US for anything AT:

Please allow a few days for us to respond by email.


By submitting your video and cocktail online you are agreeing to participate in The MY MAHON Cocktail Experience. You agree that we can use your recipe, publicize your photos or videos through our website or on social media platforms free of any and all claims. Please understand that many recipes will use similar ingredients or names, so your personal Flair and Style help to make your cocktail more unique.

Finalists will be contacted to ensure they are able to participate in The Mahon Experience between June 24 and June 30th 2017. Points will be awarded for Style, Flair and Taste. You must have a valid Passport at the time of becoming a finalist.

By submitting your video and cocktail by e-mail to you are agreeing to participate in the Mahon Experience under these terms and conditions. You agree that we can use your recipe, publicize your photos or videos through our website or on social media platforms free of claim. All Finalists will be required to sign an Finalist Agreement to Participate. Selection of those who will participate in the experience is the exclusive right of Glass Revolution Imports USA LLC,  its members or appointed representatives and Xoriguer Distillery. At any point a participant may be eliminated from qualification from the experience for any reason determined by our members deemed unacceptable. You are responsible for abiding by all state rules that govern incentive travel or cocktail creation promotions for the state in which you work. You agree that we can publish your name, use photos of you for publicity and promotion purposes before during and after the Mahon Experience. You understand that we might extend news of your successes to our network and repost social postings. If you are selected to travel to Spain you agree to work with our team to publish your involvement in the Mahon Experience on social media and other means of publication during and after the Experience. The Mahon Experience dates are fixed for the end of June 2017 to accommodate the group. There can be no substitutions, if you are chosen and cannot travel, another finalist will be offered the experience. You will be allowed to fly early or stay on after the experience if you wish to extend your travels, but at your own cost. You may at your own expense invite one companion. You may submit more than one cocktail. We reserve the right to make changes to this competition without notice.