Neel’s final Chairman’s Reserve selection showcases what he believed in; an Indian Single Malt could stand proudly along side great Scottish Single Malts.  Amrut Greedy Angels 10 YO Peated Sherry is the second 10 YO, but marks the first time that we have aged a peated whisky for 10 years in India. This marks another milestone in Amrut Distilleries’ innovative exploration of the world of single malt whisky.

Aging under the fierce sun of Bangalore, with its low humidity, is especially tricky over longer periods as there is a critical period beyond which the whisky could turn too woody.  The process began by casking the peated newly made spirit, distilled from Scottish peated barley, into first fill PX-Sherry Butt for 7 years. After this maturation, the whisky was transferred to an ex-Bourbon cask and a 100 litre refill virgin oak barrel respectively and aged for a further three years.  We’ve followed an unusual process of moving from Sherry cask to ex-Bourbon which would normally have been done the other way around.

We have bottled this whisky at 60%ABV to reveal the depth and complexity. There are only 108 bottles for the USA.

Surrinder Kumar
Master Distille


NOSE:  Blast of Sherry,  baking spices, the high alcohol is muted by the flavors. A little water opens up candied orange, more spice - nutmeg, allspice.

PALATE: Woody at first, the alcohol coming through, spice, ginger, brulee vanilla.  More water reveals figs, oak, vanilla, honey, herbaceous, medium Peat.

FINISH: Drying, peaty, tongue tingling, salted almonds, medium to long. 


Amrut Distillery is family owned and operated, located in Banglore, India, where it has operated since 1948.

Amrut buys bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace and Jack Daniels.

The result is so gratifying and one can witness a profile of peated whisky aged for over 30 years in the Scottish Isles.
— - Ashok Chokalingham, referring to Greedy Angels, aged 10 years