Best in Show/Gold Medal
Whiskies of the World 2014

World Whisky of the Year
Whisky Advocate 2011

3rd Finest Whisky in the World - 97 points
Whisky Bible – 2010


An incredible combination of 75% single malt and 25% peated single malt, are further aged to create this amazing whisky

NOSE: Rich, barley, fruity, big on citrus, spices, creamy sweetness, a hint of peat

PALATE: Oaky, rich, gentle peat, coffee, dark chocolate. fruity

FINISH: Long, spiced, marmalade, sweetness.


Single Malt Whisky • 50% abv • Aged in Oak Barrels • 100% Barley
25% peated and 75% unpeated. 

Fusion is made by combining 75% of the cask strength single malt and 25% of the Peated Single Malt Cask Strength. The combination is then further aged in ex-bourbon barrels for 6 to 9 months. 

The barley is Peated in Inverness, Scotland at Bairds Malt.

‎The initial PPM level is between 25 to 30 however this starts to dissipate  during shipping. The finished Peated Single Malt has a ppm level of between 15 to 18. 

There is no age statement as maturation occurs at 3,000 ft with an average temperature of 91 degrees and humidity of 70% therefore the angel's share is considerable and can be as high as 15% per year. (generally 2% in Scotland).

It is estimated that 1 year of aging in Bangalore = 3 years in Scotland.


Amrut Distillery is family owned and operated, located in Bangalore, India operating since 1948. Amrut buys bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace and Jack Daniels.

This has to be one of the great whiskies found anywhere in the world, from distillation to maturation this is genius whisky from whichever continent.
— Jim Murray – Whisky Bible